Kooragang Island Waste Emplacement Facility (KIWF) Closure Works

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RCA was engaged by SMEC as specialist geotechnical/environmental sub-consultants as part of the overall provision by SMEC for detailed design, documentation and other services for Hunter Development Corporation. Specifically, RCA has provided review and assessments of previous information as part of a Design Reference Report for the capping of the landfill which, in total, is a 61ha area and comprises nine separate areas.

RCA has had a long history of providing geotechnical and environmental advice to various clients  ( Delta EMD, PWCS, BHP, RLMC, HDC, NCIG) at Kooragang Island particularly in connection with landfill closure and redevelopment options. KIWEF is one of the most intensely investigated pieces of land in Australia and RCA understands the ground conditions and issues associated with environmental and geotechnical constraints.

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