Environmental Site Assessment

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RCA recently undertook a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment and prepared an Acid Sulfate Soil Management Plan for a site at Wickham proposed for redevelopment as a multi-storey residential complex.  The works were undertaken to assist in the determination of potential environmental constraints at the site prior to submission of a development application.

Whilst no sampling was undertaken, there were potential sources of contamination noted such as fill material likely to have been used at the site.  An inspection of the surrounding area identified the presence of possible decommissioned underground storage tanks (fill points were full of concrete) located upgradient of the site and a groundwater monitoring well network across the road from the tank location closer to the site.  RCA considered that the presence of the wells indicates a potentially significant local contamination issue which may impact on and/or be a constraint to the proposed development.  RCA recommended assessment of the on site fill material and of potential hydrocarbon contamination originating from the offsite source.

Environmental Site Assessment -

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