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Soil and Water Chemistry

A full range of chemical and physical analytical services

When you want to know what is in your soils and water the environmental and microbiological laboratory at RCAAustralia RCA offers a range of chemical and physical analytical services.

pH Test

pH testing is crucial for the determination of soil and water acidity/alkalinity. Soil and water pH is a key indicator of environmental health and can be a major economic concern if unassessed.

EC Test 

Electrical Conductivity (EC) is used to estimate the soluble salt concentration in soils and waters and is also is a key indicator of environmental health.

Soil EC is commonly used as a measure of salinity. Soils with an EC less than 400μS/cm are non-saline soils; above 800μS/cm are considered severely saline.Saline soils have a significant ecological impact on the types of species they can support.

Acid Sulfate Soils

Our environmental laboratory can undertake acid sulfate screening of your soils which involves chemical testing of the soil for:

  • Soil pH testing
  • pH of soil after oxidation with peroxide
  • Observation of strength of oxidation reaction.

The results of chemical testing are compared against the NSW Acid Sulfate Soils Management Advisory Committee (ASSMAC) assessment guidelines to determine the likely potential for acid sulfate soils.

If required RCA Australia can provide a comprehensive acid sulfate soil assessment of your site and provide a tailored acid sulfate soil management plan.