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RCA Acoustics

Vibration and noise monitoring services

Energy Australia (EA) experienced high levels of busbar vibration in a new substation at Kooragang Island.

The vibration was thought to be induced by nearby machinery and EA was concerned that the amount of displacement would prematurely fatigue the bars and connectors.

RCA Acoustics monitored the vibration and determined the transfer function from the ground inputs to the busbars. It was concluded that the vibration was wind induced and was due to the increase in busbar spans used in this particular design.  The busbars were replaced with large section stiffer units to correct the problem.

Measurement of Busbar Vibration at New Kooragang Substation For Energy Australia

Liddell Coal was required by the DECCW to have a maximum blast induced ground vibration at a nearby heritage building  of 2mm/s.  Predictive blast modelling conducted by RCA Acoustics showed that this limit was not reasonable and significantly compromised mining operations.  RCA Acoustics measured ground vibration inputs to the building and building strain response.  The work was used to calibrate a finite element model of the building and demonstrated that the building would not be adversely affected at blast induced vibration levels up to 20mm/s.

Blast Vibration and Building Strain Monitoring, Chain of Ponds Hotel, Singleton

RCA Acoustics provided ground vibration monitoring and management for highway construction where vibratory rolling and piling equipment was to be used close to residences. The management and monitoring programme allayed concerns of residents and allowed the construction to progress without interruption.

Road Construction Vibration Management, Pacific Highway Upgrade, Ourimbah

RCA Acoustics provided construction noise monitoring and management for highway construction to manage and control noise impacts on residents while allowing the construction programme to proceed unhindered.

Road Construction Noise Monitoring, Pacific Highway Upgrade, Ourimbah

Environmental Impact Assessment and Noise Control

  • Independent acoustic review Steel River Industrial Park, Newcastle City Council
  • Acoustic urban planning and compliance model, Newcastle CBD and Ports Area, EPA
  • Noise control design, assessment and compliance measurement, Westfield Kotara
  • Noise impact assessment, asphalt plant, Tomago
  • Noise impact assessment, quarry and screening plant, Port Macquarie
  • Noise impacts assessment hotel and restaurant facility, Anna Bay
  • Childcare centre, acoustic assessment and noise control design, Kotara
  • Pacific Highway Service Centre, 24 hour operation, acoustic assessment, Taree
  • Helicopter landing facility acoustic assessment, Steel River Industrial Park.

Architectural Noise Design and Code Compliance

  • Acoustic design and testing, eight storey residential towers – 100 units, Newcastle, City Extra
  • Acoustic design and specification and supervision, 10 storey residential towers, Newcastle, Cove Apartments
  • Acoustic design and specification and supervision, 10 storey residential towers, Newcastle, Worth Place
  • Acoustic design and specification and supervision, eight storey residential towers, Newcastle, No 1 Scott Street
  • Acoustic design and specification and supervision, eight storey commercial towers, Newcastle, Hunter Water Corporate Headquarters.

Aircraft Noise Assessment and Treatment Specification

  • Noise impact asssessment and building aircraft noise control design for 20 houses at Raymond Terrace, Department of Defence Housing
  • Hunter Acoustics conducted acoustic design and specification for RAAF facilities, RAAF, Williamtown
  • Subdivision assessment and noise control specification, 100 Lot subdivision Raymond Terrace.

Blasting and Explosive Impact Assessment

  • Permanent supplier of blast monitoring services and equipment, Xstrata, Coal and Allied, Donaldson Coal and Muswellbrook Coal
  • Blasting impact assessment management and control, heritage listed buildings, Liddell Coal
  • Monitoring of artillery and aerial bombing impacts, Singleton Defence Training Area.

Road and Rail Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment

  • Road traffic noise F3 Freeway
  • Construction noise and vibration assessment, Pacific Highway upgrades and Sandgate bypass
  • Noise and vibration impact assessment, Lochinvar and Ardglen.

Expert Witness Land And Environment Court (Recent Matters)

  • Aircraft noise impacts Salt Ash proposed residential development, Port Stephens Council
  • Noise impact and control proposed hotel and night club redevelopment, Newcastle Post Office, Newcastle City Council
  • Proposed quarry expansion, Lismore Shire Council.

Merewether Surf House

The redevelopment of Merewether Surf House to a modern three level building containing a restaurant, function centre and coffee shops will be completed in December this year with interior acoustics and noise control design by RCA Acoustics.

Release of New Internet Based Monitoring Equipment

RCA Acoustics has finalised an updated agency agreement to distribute and service the new internet based blast and vibration monitoring equipment manufactured in Brisbane by Texcel.  The new equipment has upgraded capabilities to conduct long-term monitoring of vibration in accordance with the NSW vibration monitoring guidelines.  Data is recovered from remote sites using a mobile VPN system operated using internet protocols to give high speed low cost data recovery at remote locations.

Maintain the highest standards in your workplace

Occupational hygiene monitoring allows for the safe management of environmental conditions that can cause harm to employees and the general public. RCA has extensive experience in reducing operational risk. Material and substance safety assessments identify the health hazards including airborne materials, such as asbestos and chemicals that can harm humans.

RCA has been working with the State Transit Authority to assess risk and improve the occupational environment for bus inspectors and maintenance crews at sites across Sydney and Newcastle. RCA occupational hygienists have recently performed workplace monitoring programmes for diesel exhaust particulate, diesel and paint vapour and noise exposure during which employees wore monitoring equipment and work practices were reviewed. It is hoped that this project will lead to an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship with this critical part of the NSW State Government public transport infrastructure.

Bus picture