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Material Characterisation

Characterising your material for reuse or disposal

In many cases, material management options have not been fully developed prior to RCA Australia project involvement. In these situations, RCA Australia will conduct an in situ or stockpile assessment of the material and develop material management options through consultation with our clients and with consideration to all stakeholders and potential material fate in mind. Generally, the material may be retained onsite or disposed of offsite.

If material is to be retained onsite it will be assessed against the framework of the National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure (NEPM) Guidelines and evaluated in accordance with Environmental Site Assessment Principles.

If the material is to be disposed of offsite, it will be assessed with consideration to the Protection of the Environment (POEO) Act as enforced by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and will be evaluated in accordance with the Waste Classification principles which consider factors such as:

  • Waste Classification (including General Solid Waste (GSW), Restricted Solid Waste (RSW), Hazardous Waste, Liquid Waste, Special Waste & Asbestos)

It is important to note that offsite disposal of material/waste has attracted greater focus of the regulatory authorities (EPA) in recent years, with incorrect or negligent practices now drawing a very real risk of prosecution and severe penalties.

RCA Australia offer a full spectrum of consulting services including material testing, provision of a waste classification report and indicative waste transportation/disposal rates and recommendations.

Alternatively, let RCA Australia handle all the hassles for you.  We will arrange for sampling, classification, transportation, cheapest disposal rates and validation (if required) as a complete package.

Geotechnical material characterisation may also be required in addition to environmental material characterisation to meet certain re-use criteria or to assess suitability for geotechnical applications.

RCA Australia are in a unique position to be able to undertake geotechnical services and construction and materials testing simultaneously, thus enabling us to pass on significant time and cost savings to our clients.