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Groundwater Services

We provide a full range of groundwater services

Groundwater is an often overlooked and misunderstood part of site assessment and it is highly beneficial for landowners/custodians to develop at least a preliminary understanding of groundwater characteristics at the earliest opportunity.

A developed understanding of groundwater flow characteristics has a particular significance in environmental site assessment as it can offer a readily available and often complex pathway for contaminant migration. This is particularly relevant when contaminants have the potential to be transported offsite.

RCA Australia has extensive experience in groundwater assessment and aim to assist our clients by maintaining clear communication channels to develop a customised and affordable groundwater scope that will enable the aquifer characteristics to be understood while reducing ambiguity and meeting legislative requirements.

RCA Australia are well positioned to a full range of comprehensive groundwater services, including:

  • The installation, sampling and ongoing monitoring of groundwater wells
  • Industry best practice groundwater sampling (balancing sampling technique with customer requirements to reduce unnecessary costs) and ongoing monitoring
  • Groundwater data logging
  • Aquifer parameter testing to assess groundwater potential and impacts on groundwater regime
  • Groundwater site/contamination assessment
  • Modelling of contaminant fate and transport
  • Modelling for remediation strategy evaluation
  • Modelling for resource evaluation, inflow and impact
  • Groundwater management plans
  • Assistance to meet licensing and reporting requirements, including Environmental Protection Licences (EPL), Underground Petroleum Storage Site (UPSS) regulations and for compliance with Environmental Management Plans (EMP)