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Environment and Planning

Environmental Noise Impact Assessment and Planning

We can assist you in Development Plan Applications (DA) to ensure that proposed development will be able to comply with the relevant noise and vibration policies, standards and guidelines. We provide professional guidance and consultation from the planning and design phase through to detailed design development, construction and compliance testing and ongoing operational stages over a wide range of projects.

Examples of environmental noise and vibration assessments that our experts are able to carry out include:

  • Mines and Quarries (new and expanding).
  • Environmental Vibration Monitoring and Impact Assessment.
  • Blast Impact Management, Monitoring and Assistance in Controlling Blast Impacts.
  • Motor Sport Noise Impact Assessment and Compliance Management.
  • Noise Monitoring and Compliance Assessment.
  • Noise Modelling and Mapping:
  • Use of computer based noise modelling software to identify the impacts of multiple noise sources on, or from, proposed or existing buildings, allowing cost-effective design solutions to be developed.
  • Quick and efficient calculation of noise propagation when considering the position of buildings and barriers etc.
  • Production of predictive noise maps to assist in the control of noise from construction and demolition sites.
  • Development Applications and Noise Impact Assessments.
    • Measurements and assessment of ambient noise conditions and the prediction of noise impact from proposed developments.
    • Provision of detailed reports for inclusion with Development Applications and Environmental Impact Assessments.
    • Expert witness representation.
  • Environmental Noise Impact Assessment for Development Applications and baseline studies for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) preparation.
    • Childcare centres.
    • Power stations.
    • Shopping centres.
    • Residential or mixed use development.
    • Dog kennels.
    • Industrial and commercial developments.
    • Service stations.
    • Pubs, clubs and restaurants.
    • Music venues.
    • Churches.
    • New pool equipment.