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Air Quality Assessment


RCA Australia provides a complete range of air quality monitoring services and analysis including:

  • High volume air sampling (HVAS)
  • Real time suspended particulate monitoring (total suspended particulates (TSP), PM10 and PM2.5)
  • Depositional dust monitoring
  • Odour monitoring
  • Monitoring of gases, vapours and mists
  • Airborne asbestos fibre counts and occupational hygiene monitoring
  • Stack testing

RCA Australia regularly undertake the modelling of air emissions including odour dispersion. Through the use of our comprehensive modelling packages and expertise, RCA Australia can help solve your air quality issues at ground and receptor levels in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Air quality and odour monitoring and/or modelling may often be required as part of Air Quality Impact Assessments (AQAI). Local councils and other regulatory authorities may require an Air Quality Impact Assessment as part the determination of a development application. RCA have extensive experience compiling assessments for a broad range of developments including waste management centres, new chicken farms and chemical facilities.

Assessments may be undertaken at various levels depending on project requirements; from desk-top study to detailed impact assessments including site inspection and/or air dispersion modelling. RCA have a proven track record of reliably and efficiently helping our clients to meet their air quality obligations without stress or hassle.

Monitoring and analysis of stack emission particulates is undertaken by experienced RCA Australia personnel on fixed and mobile plants across greater NSW.

For clients who are seeking to reduce their emissions RCA Australia offer the services of our experienced chemical and environmental engineers to apply their expertise in solving air emission problems, including stack and fume scrubber design. Additionally RCA Australia provides flow testing of emission collection systems including duct work assessment and performance advice.

RCA Australia offers a comprehensive range of air quality monitoring equipment available to hire for the duration of your project.

Our Environmental Laboratory offers a range of NATA accredited air quality analysis, advice and equipment calibration services and can also provide all of your meteorological monitoring requirements through the installation and servicing of temporary and permanent weather monitoring stations.