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Company Policies

RCA adheres to the following policies

Quality Policy

RCA Australia provides geotechnical and environment services.  The nature of the company’s activities places particular emphasis upon experience, expertise, reliability, safety and quality.

RCA Management has adopted a policy of endeavouring to provide services of the highest quality to achieve customer satisfaction throughout the effective life of all projects.  In order to achieve this objective, it is the policy of RCA to maintain an efficient quality system in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management Systems – Requirements and AS ISO/IEC 17025:2005, General requirements for the Competence and Testing and Calibration Laboratories.  Determination of conformance of work to contract and regulatory requirements is verified based on objective evidence of quality.

This policy is issued therefore, to indicate clearly the attitude of company management with regard to quality and related matters.  Such a policy is essential for the long-term success of the company in a competitive market place, as well as achieving customer and employee satisfaction.

RCA’s quality manual, the quality system and the RCA Quality Improvement Plan
(RCA-QIP-001) outline how RCA is ensuring that all quality requirements are recognised and are adequately maintained.  The quality system defines how effective control is established.

RCA will ensure that this policy is understood at all levels of the organisation and is displayed prominently in work areas.

Work Health and Safety Policy

RCA is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to improve on the company’s performance in all areas of Work Health and Safety.

RCA will:

  • create a workplace free of work related fatalities, injuries and illness;
  • eliminate or control circumstances which lead to injury, property damage and business interruption;
  • comply with all applicable laws and regulations and other statutory or legal requirements associated with work related activities and ensure compliance with these laws by employees, subcontractors and others working with and under the auspices of RCA;
  • train employees on arrival and on a regular basis, as to their obligations in the management of risks and hazards both in the workplace and where work related activities are being undertaken;
  • manage hazards and risks around the workplace and implement management procedures to identify, assess, monitor and control hazards;
  • to support, encourage and promote efforts to achieve best practice WHS performance;
  • objectives and targets will be established and reviewed on a regular basis for continual improvement;

Actions to achieve these objectives and targets are contained in AWS-OHS-027 RCA Safety Improvement Plan.

RCA Australia’s targets are:

  • zero Lost Time Injuries, Medical Treatment Injuries and Drug and Alcohol Test Failures;
  • the company total First Aid Injuries to be less than 2 per month;
  • to undertake two Site Safety Audits and 1 Observation per month from each department;
  • to ensure that all employees are adequately trained.

Objectives and targets are tracked by the following:

  • Graph Lost Time Injuries, Medical Treatment Injuries, First Aid Injuries, Incidents and Drug and Alcohol Test Failures by overall company and individual departments.
  • Utilising systematic auditing/observation procedures to measure and review the effectiveness of Safety Management Plans, Procedures and Safe Work Method Statements.
  • Examining the Health and Safety Hazards at current and future work sites, by adopting a defined risk management approach.
  • Utilise training through site inductions, internal and external training courses and tracked through training records and the training register.
  • Studying trends in other ‘like’ companies and industries with a view to implementing appropriate successful strategies and processes that will continually improve our health and safety performance.

Environment Policy

It is RCA’s policy to achieve a high standard of environmental care while conducting business in all areas of geotechnical and environmental consulting.

In accordance with this objective, it is RCA’s policy to:

  • Comply with all laws and regulations and ensure compliance with these laws by subcontractors and others working under the auspices of RCA. Where there is no law or regulation, apply standards that minimise any adverse environmental impacts.
  • Ensure that all employees and service providers are aware of this policy and their environmental responsibilities.
  • Communicate with all levels of Government agencies and clients to achieve the best, most cost effective solution to all projects undertaken by RCA.
  • Communicate with Government, the community and technical associates to contribute to the development of policies, legislation and regulations that may impact on our operations and the environment.

RCA Drug And Alcohol Policy

RCA provides a work environment that aims to ensure the health, safety, respect and productivity of all employees.  The use of drugs and alcohol may impair an individual’s capacity to perform their job safely, efficiently and with respect for work colleagues and customers.  The use of such substances may result in the risk of injury or a threat to the wellbeing of the impaired employee, other employees, customers or any other parties.

The Policy

No employee is to commence work, or return to work, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  The purpose of this policy is to provide a drug and alcohol free workplace.  A drug and alcohol free workplace is defined as:

  • for alcohol: less than 0.02% alcohol concentration,  and
  • for drugs: any level of drug less than the cut off levels stipulated by Australian Standard AS/NZS 4308.

As part of this policy RCA reserves the right to undertake random drug and alcohol testing of employees.

Breaches of this policy constitute an act of serious misconduct and may result in disciplinary action:

  • In the first instance the employee will be stood down on full pay until the laboratory results are received. If the result is positive the employee will be stood down without pay and offered counselling and rehabilitation services to assist the employee in the treatment of alcohol and/or drug use problem.  If the counselling is refused the employee will be dismissed.
  • In the second instance the employee will be stood down on full pay until the laboratory results are received, if the result is positive the employee will be dismissed.

Prescription Drugs

If you take prescription drugs, it is your responsibility to check with your doctor that the use of the drug will not impact on your work performance.  If it could, please obtain this advice in writing and provide this advice to company management.

Company Vehicles

Company vehicles are not to be driven by anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  RCA will not accept liability for damage to a company vehicle, injury to any person, or damage or injury to any third party, incurred while the driver of the RCA vehicle is in breach of this policy or the law.  All liabilities shall rest on the driver concerned.


RCA aims to provide its employees with a healthy work environment.

Smoking in the workplace is a recognised health hazard and as such is NOT permitted in any company office, work area or company vehicle.  This includes RCA Annex Laboratories.

Employees who smoke outside the premises should ensure that they are not creating a passive smoke environment for other employees or visitors.  It is mandatory that you do not smoke within 10 metres from the work area and all buildings.  Smokers should also ensure that they dispose of cigarette butts and other litter in the correct location.

Rehabilitation Policy

Under work health and safety and workers compensation legislation, an employer is required to establish a workplace rehabilitation programme and policy to assist injured workers to return to work.

Occupational rehabilitation aims to provide an early and safe return to work for workers suffering from work related injury or illness by using the workplace itself as a vital part of the rehabilitation process.

RCA is committed to the prevention of illness and injury and the rehabilitation of injured workers by providing a safe and healthy working environment.  We aim to manage the process of rehabilitation by ensuring that all injured workers have the opportunity to recover and return to work.

If a work injury or illness occurs it must be reported to the Rehabilitation Co-ordinator, and the register of injuries form completed and treatment arranged.

RCA will arrange for the workers compensation insurer to provide advice to the injured worker.

When the injured worker is, according to medical judgment, well enough to return to work on suitable duties RCA shall, as far as practicable, provide suitable duties/employment.  The Rehabilitation Coordinator or Rehabilitation Provider can identify suitable duties in the workplace.

RCA will consult with the injured worker on the rehabilitation process.

Where rehabilitation disputes cannot be resolved by mediation, the workplace may be referred to a rehabilitation officer at NSW WorkCover.

Employees affected by life threatening illness will be treated with compassion and understanding, and will be given as much support as possible to assist them to deal with their illness.